A business model based on family cohesion and emphasizing customer satisfaction
Nisa Logistics Founders are Sedri Çetin, Necmettin Çetin and Şerif Çetin who started to work in Mersin in 1985.

Especially experience gained in the food sector transport became a way of life for the Family. The founders of Nisa Logistics worked in different companies in private sector for about 10 years. In 1996, they purchased 50% of the "EKSA" company, which has existed for more than 10 years in the sector.

In 2001, the %100 share of the EKSA firm has been transferred to the founders of the Nisa Logistics. 

In 2007 Eksa Logistics targeted local and international companies to reflect their competitiveness. This attempt asked for a formation of a new venture named as Nisa Logistics.

With the establishment of Nisa Logistics Company, the service areas expanded and diversified. In addition to the main port city Mersin in Turkey, Nisa started serving to several locations around the world.  Immediately after its establishment, Nisa increased its machine park by 5 times in order to respond to incoming requests and expanded its customer portfolio. These developments and new leadership roles have asked for a realignment of the firm.

Within this scope, in 2018, the main company strategy has been to complete the modern financial reporting and performance based job definition. These were the initial steps towards building corporate identity and brand building. 

In addition to all these processes, Nisa Logistics, Nisa Sera and Nisa Smart-farming brands were structured under the Nisa Global structure.